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If you are involved in supporting a Citrix environment, you know that one of the complaints you are sure to hear at some point is that “Citrix is slow”. Meanwhile, no one else seems to be having an issue. In many cases, the user might be connecting from some far-flung place on the globe and the connection speed and quality is less than optimal. The problem is trying to prove to the user that there is a line issue. Enter the Citrix Connection Quality Indicator, a simple Citrix utility that sits in the user’s system tray and provides a nice indicator of the users connection speed, like this:

This tool gives the user instant feedback when there is a degradation in performance to the point that the user’s experience is impacted. This will help the user understand that the performance issue they are experiencing might be temporary and is being caused by their local Internet connection, not the server. This should reduce the amount of calls to the helpdesk for connectivity issues.

For the curious user that is interested in seeing more information, or to assist with further troubleshooting by the Help Desk, a simple click on the icon will provide more details.

In addition, critical messages, errors and warnings are all logged to the event log as well as a text file, so you have another utility in your toolbelt for post-complaint analysis!

To download this tool, head on over to the Citrix knowledgebase and grab your copy here:

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