Enlightened Data Transport: What you need to know

Enlightened Data Transport (EDT).

EDT improves HDX/ICA performance across WAN links, Internet, etc. In 7.12, EDT was Tech Preview. In 7.13 and above, EDT is officially supported..

EDT has several requirements:

·       UDP 1494 and UDP 2598 must be opened to every VDA, including from the NetScaler SNIP, if you’re using NetScaler Gateway.

·       VDA 7.13 or newer

·       Receiver for Windows must be 4.7 or newer.

·       Receiver for Mac must be 12.5 or newer.

·       StoreFront must be 3.9 or newer.

NetScaler Gateway 11.1 build 51 and newer supports EDT (DTLS). The following NetScaler features are not supported with EDT at this time:

·       NetScaler SOCKS Proxy

·       HDX Insight

·       Gateway Multi-stream

·       Gateway Double-hop, etc.

EDT is disabled by default, you need to set a policy to enable it, see this article: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX220732.

Confirmation: Once you have it enabled, log into a session and run the command CTXSESSION –v, if you see the connection is going over UDP, you are good to go.

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